Sunday, April 03, 2016

Beauty ¦ The warm shadow edit

I feel like the likelihood of me shutting up about warm shadows is slim to none. I am still as obsessed as I was and I still keep buying more warm toned shades. Today I thought I would show you some of my current favourite shades that I have found myself reaching for regularly in the past couple of weeks.

H&M Global fusion eye pot in Aubergine sheen. £4.99
Can I first say this is in no way anywhere near an aubergine shade. It's a beautiful dark orange brown shade, which looks so beautiful all over the lid and built up under the eyes as it tends to settle a little darker in the crease meaning it is the perfect one pot smokey eye. The formula of this is insane and it really sticks around once it's on the lids.

Makeup Geek shadows in Cosmopolitan, Latte, Cocoa bear and Goddess. £4.95 each
Oh look Cole is talking about Makeup geek shadows again surprise surprise. These are four of my favourite shades. Cosmopolitan is a stunning pinky copper shade which makes the most beautiful lid colour for a coppery smokey eye. Latte is a very basic matte warm toned medium brown which works nicely as a crease shade for lighter looks and as a transition shade for darker looks. Cocoa bear is a very warm toned dark matte brown which is a really beautiful crease shade and I've been loving wearing it in the crease of gold shades to really warm the look up. Finally we have Goddess which is a beautiful metallic heavily red toned brown with gold reflex in it. You all probably know that I love these shadows however if you do want to see a little more in depth my posts are //here// and //here//

Zoeva Substitute for love and Freshly toasted from the Cocoa blend palette £15.95
I love the entire Zoeva Cocoa blend palette however I am a little obsessed with these two shades. Substitute for love is a warm caramel medium brown shade which is completely matte, this is the perfect lid shade paired with Freshly toasted which is a warm chocolatey shade. These two paired together make a lovely matte warm eye which looks insane with a flick of eyeliner. In terms of quality these shadows are lovely and buttery and blend really well.
Left to Right - H&M aubergine sheen, Zoeva substitute for love, Zoeva freshly toasted, MUG Cosmopolitan, MUG Latte, MUG Cocoa bear, MUG Goddess.


  1. I have only just got into Zoeva's products and I have really been toying with buying this palette.. I think you've just convinced me! xxx

  2. Is it weird that I've hit 33 years old and never realised that H&M did make-up?!! Damn!! I love warm tone shadows, they look better with my skin tone than cooler shades. Will have to try out Makeup Geek too!


  3. I really want to try the Zoeva palette, it looks gorgeous!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  4. I'd say the warmest eyeshadow I own is Sable by MAC - although I'm often not brave enough to wear it!

    Thanks for leaving your link during the #bbloggers chat :)

    Kate xo //

  5. I think we have really similar eyeshadow taste haha I love Zoeva Cocoa Blend and MUG Frappe is one of my most-used shades :) definitely checking out the H&M Aubergine shade - it looks stunning! Wish I'd heard about this sooner as it looks so perfect for A/W xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. The Zoeva palette is one my all time favourites! You also picked my favourite MUG Shadows :) I will definitely be picking up the H&M Blush - the shade looks so pretty :) xx

  7. The Zoeva palette looks gorgeous! So many stunning shades.



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