Saturday, April 23, 2016

Beauty ¦ High end vs Highstreet - Mac vs Makeup geek

So I'm not a fan of Mac eyeshadows I know shoot me but they are just something I never reach for. Don't get me wrong I don't hate them I just don't think that they are worth the crazy amount of hype that they get so today I thought I would do a little battle between the Mac shadows I have and the Makeup geek shadows I have.
Round one - Price
The Winner - Makeup geek
Makeup geek has to win hands down on this one, their shadows are half the price of Mac coming in at just £4.95 for their basic pan shadows. Even their foiled shadows are only £7.95 which is still £2 cheaper than Mac
Round two - Shade selection
The Winner - Mac
I cannot deny that Mac's shade range is incredible. Whilst makeup geek's shadows come in a crazy amount of shades Mac's selection is even bigger. Literally you can pick up any shade you could ever dream of from Mac.
Round 3 - Pigmentation
The Winner - Makeup geek
Now don't get me wrong I've tried a lot more than Makeup geek shadows than I have Mac but I've never been that impressed with Mac's pigmentation. The ones I own are okay and the ones I've swatched in store are okay  however I find that every single shade I've tried from Makeup geek has just a little nicer and a little more pigmented.
Round 4 - Blendability
The Winner - Makeup geek
One of the main things that I don't like about Mac shadows is how hard they are to blend. Don't get me wrong I have only tried four shades however they are shades that everyone always says how amazing they are an I just find them not very easy to work with.
Other notes -
One other thing that I will say about Mac shadows is that they seem to develop that weird film that eyeshadows develop sometimes so easily and I seem to have to scrape off the top layer of shadow almost every time I go to use them. I thought at first it might just be me however talking to some of the girls at college their shadows do the same thing.
So overall the crown definitely goes to Makeup geek I think unless their is a particular shade that you really want from Mac I'd definitely suggest you try the makeup geek shadows instead.


  1. Love this reddish brown tones! They are all such pretty shades :)

    Lotte |

  2. I love Makeup Geek and I'm a massive fan of Mac shadows but I agree with you. MUG is better, they just look, blend and wear so nicely xo

  3. I find MAC gets a bit of a 'film' too - not nice! I find the formula really solid too. Completely agree that MUG wins in every category except shade selection, but MAC will always win at that! I can only see myself buying more of their's if there's a particular colour I really want xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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