Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beauty ¦ Clarins instant concealer

I've realised that I have mentioned this concealer a lot since I bought it however I haven't dedicated a whole post to it so today I thought it was about time that I reviewed it for you. I have become a little addicted to buying concealer recently and this is definitely the best one that I have picked up in the past few months and I think I'd actually go as far to say it is my favourite concealer that I have ever tried.
I think the main thing I love about this is the fact that the texture is so light yet the coverage is so high. I find the majority of concealers I try to just be to thick and they always seem to end up looking really cakey and clinging to any dry patches. I feel like this concealer works along side my dry skin without making it look dry yet it still offers the coverage I need. I would say that this is definitely a high coverage product that works well for both blemishes and under the eyes. The only bug bear I have is the packaging although the squeezy tube is incredibly hygienic it can be hard to control how much product comes out, and I have had a few occasions when I have ended up squeezing out far to much.
The lasting power of this is also really impressive I find on a good day I can get a good 6 hours out of it looking perfect and another couple before it begins to look really messy. I do find however it does disappear of my nose at around the 5-6 hour mark as this is the only place I ever really develop any oiliness. Also for the price you get 15ml of product which I think is pretty fab as most concealers are aorund the 7ml mark.
Overall if you are on the lookout for a high end concealer I would highly recommend this one. Althoug if you are an oiler skinned gal I would definitely recommend giving a sample a go first just to check the lasting power.


  1. Great to know it works well with dry skin! I always have trouble finding products that work well with that so may have to try it out :)

    Lotte |

  2. I've always heard such great things about this concealer! My skin leans on the dry side too, with annoying breakouts on my chin too - not fun :( x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  3. Its so hard to find products that work on dry skin! Lovely post!

    Amelia |

  4. I absolutely love this concealer - perfect for my dry skin! xx



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