Saturday, April 16, 2016

Beauty ¦ A Beauty bay haul

 So I really need to stop this whole online shopping thing however when I saw that Beauty Bay were offering a free makeup geek foiled eyeshadow when you made an order over £50 it seemed to good an offer to miss. Since I was getting one of their shadows anyway I decided it would be the perfect time to fill up my palette. If you would like to see a full makeup geek palette post let me know as I've done posts showing my separate hauls so if it's something you'd like to see all together let me know.
So in terms of shadows on the top row we have In the spotlight which is a beautiful peachy glittery foiled shade, Bada bing which is a dark brown with silver shimmer, Burlesque which is a shimmery purple toned burgundy shade and Cupcake which is a medium pink matte shade. On the bottom row we have Bleached blonde which is a kind of green-y gold shade, Bitten which is a very dark red burgundy matte shade and finally I picked up Mango tango which is the most beautiful mid tone pinky corally colour which I feel like I will reach for a lot in the spring summer months.
Left to Right - In the spotlight, Bada bing, Burlesque, Cupcake, Bleached blonde, Bitten, Mango tango
 I also decided to pick up two liquid lipsticks, both these brands are ones I've heard a lot about however never tried. I picked up the Dose of Colours Kiss of fire which is the most incredible pinky red colour which I feel like I'm going to get a lot of wear out of. The other Liquid lipstick I picked up was Gerard cosmetics hydra matte lipstick in ecstasy which is a stunning purple grey nude shade which is definitely not for the faint hearted. I definitely want more shades of both of these products as I've been really impressed with the formulas!
Top - Kiss of Fire Bottom - Ecstasy

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  1. Wish I'd seen that offer! I love Makeup Geek :) Bada Bing is definitely one of my favourite shades. I really want to try more shades in the Dose of Colours liquid lipsticks too as I can't stop wearing Truffle right now xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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