Friday, July 04, 2014

Top 5 - Neutral eyeshadows

I do love a good neutral shadow so today I thought I would show you the five I reach for on a daily basis.

Mac Bare study Paint pot - £15.00

This is something I use everyday (unless i'm wearing another cream eyeshadow) and it is such an amazing product for evening out the colour of your eyelid. The slight shimmer in it is perfect if you just want to use it alone.

Maybelline Colour tattoo in On and on bronze - £4.99

I really need to shut up about these, I seem to have been talking about them all the tine recently but I just love them. They are so helpful. I love the colour of this one as I can sheer it out and make it look really natural or I can build it up and create a nice smoky eye.

Fashionist-A Eyeshadow in Nude £4.00

This is the perfect blending colour, I also really like it as just a very sheer sweep of colour. These shadows are really nice and pigmented and blend really well.

The Body shop Shimmer cubes in 06 £16.00

These are so beautiful, they aren't the most pigmented but I am a huge fan of them as they are so easy to work with. I like the mix of shades and I find they really compliment each other.

Urban Decay Naked 1 £36.00

How could I do a post about neutral eyeshadows and not mention a naked palette. This one does everything, you can go for a really light natural look or a really dark smoky look. Can you tell I love this palette?


  1. I still can't believe I haven't tried On and On bronze!! I keep lusting after it every time I am in Boots, convincing myself I don't need it, and then buying a whole other load of sh*t I dont need haha!


  2. Love all of these! I forgot how much I used to love the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's!

    nailsandteapots xx

  3. I always use Naked, but I use it so much that I am sick of it! I need to try those shimmer cubes they look so nice ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  4. I'm always drawn in by neutral colours. These are all so beautiful ♥

  5. On and On Bronze is gorgeous, I love it. Naked 1 is a go to palette nearly every day.


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