Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

In the past few months I've really been enjoying using skincare and this has been one of the products I have really loved. Before I started Blogging I used to remove my makeup with a wipe, which is now pretty much considered a sin.

This is one of the loveliest products I have ever used. It melts away any makeup including waterproof mascara and leaves the skin feeling smooth and fresh. One of my favourite things about this product is the scent, it is quite subtle but if you are super sensitive to scents then this is probably one to avoid. This product feels very moisturizing on the face and I don’t feel like it strips my skin as some cleansers do. Another thing I really like about this product is that it doesn't leave an oily film on my face. If you do remove your makeup with a cleansing butter I really recommend this one.


  1. I love body shop products and this looks so lush! I may give it a go when my current one runs out. Great review xx

  2. I love the cleansing oil they do so I may have to try this out and see if it's as good :)

  3. I really need to get this, I see good reviews for this everywhere! x

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!

  4. cleansing butter sounds heavenly ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  5. I've only tired a few products from The Body Shop but every time I hear of one I want to try more! This cleansing butters sounds so nice and I love the smell of camomile!

  6. It looks so lovely! I love the smell of camomile so maybe this one'd be something for me!

  7. I haven´t used a cleansing butter yet so this might be a good one to try it out. It sounds really lovely. I love that it is moisturising and doesn´t leave an oily film.
    xx Lisa

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