Friday, July 11, 2014

An updated Everyday Makeup

It feels like such a long time since I wrote one of these posts so I decided that today I would show you what I've been wearing on my face lately. I've not been wearing eyeshadow lately mainly because my eyeshadow primer has run out and it's not a complete essential so I refuse to break my spending ban to buy a new tube! So I really hope you enjoy this post, i'd also love it if you could let me know what you think of my photos as I'm trying to improve my photography skills.

Starting of with my base I am back to using my Benefit Porefessional as I just can't find a primer that is better than it, much to my purse's disappointment. My foundation of choice recently has been the Bourjois Healthy mix serum, but if you are a regular in these parts you will know as I haven't shut up about it. If your not a regular then I reviewed it //Here// and featured it //Here// and //Here//. I've recently been loving the L'oreal Lumi magique concealer to conceal my under eyes and the Seventeen Stay time concealer on any redness or blemishes. 

My blush, contour and highlighter have all been sleek recently. I have fallen back in love with my contour palette in light as now I've got a little bit of a natural tan it looks so much more natural. I've also been loving the highlighter as it's the prettiest peachy champagne colour. Finally for my base I've been using the Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Pink lemonade, I've especially been loving the bright pink cream blush as it's such a gorgeous formula (It's the one in the middle if you are wondering) 

I have gone back to an old favourite for my brows, and i'm so happy with it if you ask me the Urban decay Naked basics is just such an amazing brow palette. I've been mixing the shades Naked 2 and Faint to create a lighter brow recently (Side note my brows are in no way light but this is a hell of a lot lighter than I used to have them) The only other thing I've been doing with my eyes is adding tons and tons of the Maxfactor False lash effect mascara. I really am liking this and it's almost on par with Benefit They're real which is my all time favourite mascara. 

The final thing I've been putting on my face recently has been Mac's amplified lipstick in Up the amp. I'm usually not that loyal to a lipstick but recently every time I have reached for a bright lip it has been this one. I just adore the colour and if your a bright lip lover I'd highly recommend you check it out. 


  1. Really love the look of up the amp!

    Sam xo

  2. I love the Naked Basics palette, its so versatile, and the Bourjois foundation is beautiful too.

  3. I love that mascara too! Plus, that lipstick looks gorgeous! :)

  4. They really need to bring Bourjois to the states! I always hear about how amazing the heathymix foundation is, but I can never get my hands on it. I am having a giveaway on my blog and would be ecstatic if you joined ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  5. I would never have the guts to wear the lipstick, but it looks beautiful :) xo


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