Monday, July 28, 2014

The Handbag Essentials.

I saw this post on somebody's blog about a week and a half ago and I loved the idea so thank you if it was you and if you let me know I will happily add your link! 

So beneath the soft mint wrappers, broken nail files and crumpled receipts I dug out my handbag essentials. 

My purse 

Obviously this is an essential, I really have nothing to say about it. 

My Boots and Superdrug advantage cards

Clearly the most important thing in my bag, points make pounds and that makes me a very happy gal.

A Nail file

My nails have a habit of breaking at the most inappropriate times and I end up with the scary jagged claw look so this on is a must have. 

A Hand cream

At the moment I have the soap and glory hand food which is a new ish addition. Dry hands are just not pretty and I get awful eczema on my knuckles so I have to have something in my bag at all times. 

A Hand Sanitizer

There is nothing worse than public toilets and I like to wash my hands before I eat so when there isn't a sink hanging around I like to keep a hand sanitizer on me. I like the body shop ones as they don't reek of alcohol.

A deodorant

Again there is not much to say about this but with the weather like it is in the uk at the moment I wouldn't dream of leaving the house with some sort of deodorant because lets face it there is nothing worse than smelling of sweat. 


  1. I love that hand cream too! :)

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  2. Seeing what people carry around with them is quite fascinating :)

    ~ K

  3. The Boots cards is a must for me to carry with me :D

    Yazmin xx

  4. I can't leave the house without a hand cream! In addition to the items you mentioned, I also like to keep a lip balm and a mini sample perfume in my bag. :)

    Olivia xxx Beauty from the Fjord

  5. My handbag essentials are more or less the same! Love the S&G hand food!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  6. My Boots and Superdrug Advantage Cards are also essential for me!

    PS- I also use that hand cream!


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