Monday, October 21, 2013

Brand interview #3 - The button parlour

Hello lovelies,

 Today I'm going to be interviewing the lovely girl who runs The button parlour and hand makes some gorgeous button and cord bracelets. Here's what she had to say... 

 Well I sell handmade bracelets that are generally made using coconut wood buttons with some detail carved onto them, and the bracelet itself is made using a coloured cord. Most of the bracelets are made using buttons with anchors carved onto them, however there are a few different ones just so it's not all the same! I only set up a couple of months ago. Well I started making them in July and this is when I set up my Etsy shop, but I have only recently joined Twitter and Facebook to try and promote the bracelets a little more. 

 And onto the questions 

  Why did you set up The button parlour? 

 I set up The Button Parlour as I couldn't find anything else like these. I'm very particular about a lot of things and I tend to know exactly what I want, I can always picture things in my head but always struggle to find them! I'd made one of these bracelets already for myself and wore it everyday for weeks and absolutely loved it so I thought why not give it a try! 

  Where did you get the idea to set up The button parlour? 

I don't know how I got the idea for The Button Parlour really. I wasn't looking to try and start a business as such, I just made one for myself one day and then my friends liked them and all wanted me to make them some, and I thought actually these are pretty cool. I've always struggled to find jewellery that I like as I'm not really into the big fashion pieces. I like more understated unusual pieces that are easy to wear and I love how something as simple as a button and some cord can be turned into exactly that.

  Is there anyone you couldn't have set up your business without? 

I wouldn't say there is anyone I couldn't have started the business without, although mentality wise I don't think I'd have taken it so far without my partner. He's been really supportive and encouraged me to carry on with it and not give up! Which has definitely been a great help so yeah, I have a lot to be thankful for. 

  What's your favourite thing you are currently selling? 

My favourite thing I am currently selling is probably either the nude/beige anchor button bracelet or the black anchor button bracelet. They're both so easy to wear with anything and you aren't limited to colours, and I love the anchor design. 

  When creating your bracelets were do you look for inspiration? 

My inspiration just comes from the things I love really. I don't see the point in making a bracelet that I don't really like or wouldn't wear myself, as I'd never feel happy selling it. I love the whole nautical thing and thought the anchor buttons were quite cool so by using different coloured cords to make them there should hopefully be a colour to suit everyone. I'm always looking out for new ideas online so if I find a button I like no doubt you'll see it on a bracelet in the near future. 

 You can find The button parlour on Twitter Here Etsy Here and Facebook Here 

 I hope you enjoyed this post, if there are any brands you'd like me to interview leave their twitters below and I will check them out.

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