Monday, October 14, 2013

Baking Beauties Tag

Hey lovelies, On wednesday the lovely Hayley from Water painted dreams Tagged me in her new tag. I love baking so this is just perfect for me!

1. What is the first thing you remember baking? I know my first baking memories were with my nana, she makes apples pies every autumn with the apples from our garden and a traditional Christmas cake every Christmas so it is more than likely to be one of those. I do vaguely remember standing on a chair at the kitchen table and mixing some currants into the Christmas cake mix.

 2. What was the last thing you baked? Bakewell tart, which is most definitely one of my favourite things to make (and to eat!!) 

 3. Something you've always wanted to bake? I've always wanted to make a traditional spotted dick but I'm just not patient enough! 

 4. Tell us about a time you baked something and it went ridiculously wrong. Meringues, it seems something so simple but I couldn't find the electric whisk so I whipped them by hand which would have been ok but my arm got tired so I popped them in the oven and hopped for the best and they came out. Resembling fried eggs and smelling disgusting! and then there was the tomato soup cupcakes I'm still having nightmares about them! 

 5. Be honest, do you lick the spoon? Of course why waste it!! 

 6. How often do you bake? About once every two weeks, sometimes more and sometimes less, Although I wish I had the time and the patience to do it more!

 7. What baking success are you most proud of? Last year I made my mums birthday cake in the shape of a box of nail polish with little fondant nail polish bottles, it was epic! 

 8. Do you tidy up as you go along or leave one big mess until the end? It really depends what mood i'm in sometimes I do it as I go along but more often than not I leave it to the end while the goodies are in the oven/setting otherwise I end up sat on the floor in front of the oven like a crazy person. 

 9. Do you use recipe books or get them online? I reach for my recipe books if I want inspiration but if I know exactly what I want to make I tend to google it. 

10. Do you stick to the recipe or do you experiment a little? I experiment a lot and it usually goes pretty well I tend to just go oh this is in the cupboard I will stick it in. 

11. Who are your favourite food bloggers? I don't really read food blogs but I love the sorted food youtube channel it's well worth a look. 

 12. What is your favourite thing to bake? I love making biscuits because I just love decorating them. I also love making cupcakes as I love how diverse they can be! 

 So that's it I tag Nicola from Wishing on a blonde Alessandra from Cakes, cupcakes and cosmetics Katie from Beauty and the baker and Amy and Rachael from Crimes of a blonde

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