Friday, October 18, 2013

A whole lot of empties.

So I decided that a monthly empties was getting very boring as it was just the essentials so I though i'd save them up for a little while and hopefully show you something a little more interesting!


Batiste - A hint of colour vibrant and red - This stuff is fab, I can't use normal batiste as it just leaves a white residue in my hair so this is perfect. 

 Garnier fructis - colour last shampoo - This was nice it smelt pretty good but it didn't really do anything to my hair. 

Tresemme - colour protection shampoo - I really like this I find it keeps my red a little brighter and a little shinier. 

 DGJ - Berutti oil - I won this in a giveaway and I really liked it my hair felt in better condition and it also smelt fab.

 Creightons - Deep moisture conditioner - This was less than a pound from home bargains and I quite liked it, it was nothing special but it made my hair feel nice and soft.


Garnier - Mineral invisi calm after shaving deodorant - There's not much to say this it smelt nice and did what it was meant to do. 

 The body shop - Raspberry body butter - I love the body butters from the body shop, this isn't one of my favourite scents but it's nice enough. 

 Ted baker - Body wash - This was ok it smelt nice but the bottle was so strange there was no give in the plastic of the bottle so it was a complete nightmare to get anything out of. 


Tesco - Nail polish remover - I think I've probably used about 3 of these during the time I've been collecting my empties. I really don't know what to say it's just a nail polish remover. 

 Nyc - Black lace - I like this it's a nice formula but it's way past saving it's gone so gloopy. 


Superdrug - Cleanser and toner - If your a regular reader you will know I love this stuff, I find it really helps clear up my spots although it is very harsh so I'd avoid it if you have sensitive skin.

 Superdrug - Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser - I really liked this it was very gentle and didn't have a really heavy scent to it.


Seventeen - Wild curls mascara - Again if your a regular reader you will know that this was for my favourite mascara for a good 3 or 4 months. I still really like it I just have ones I like more. 

 Bourjois - Volume glamour ultra black mascara - Another mascara I really like this one gave more length than volume so I liked this one for school. 

 Mua - Mega volume mascara - Personally I didn't like this I didn't find it really did much, so I'm not a big fan.

 Seventeen - BB cream in light - This is another product I love its really nice the coverage is light to medium and it stays on really nicely! 

 So that's it all of my empties I hope you enjoyed this post.



  1. Awesome empties! I love The Body Shop's Body Butters but I've never tried the pomegranate scent!

    1. It's raspberry lovely and I know they are soooo amazing xx

  2. I love how you wait until you have a little collection! If I did one every month there'd be hardly any empties! I've just found your blog and followed on here and bloglovin :-) x


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