Friday, October 18, 2013

Top 5 -- Autumn/winter nail polishes.

Hey lovelies, apologies for the lack of post on Friday I've been feeling a little under the weather and I'm currently swamped with homework. Onto the positives, when looking through my blog archive I realized that the first post I ever wrote was a autumn/winter nail polish post! Which is here. May I just add I think I may have been a little flash happy the pictures are so glairy! So on with today's post, hopefully it will be a little better!

Now I tried this with the magnet once and it went so horribly wrong I never attempted it ever again. That being said I love the colour its quite a dark metallic lilac and it's great to reach for when you want something purple but not to vampy. Wear wise I can get two or three days out of this before it starts to look tatty.

 I said it in my post and I will say it again now, I love a good nude this ones just right for my skintone it is very light so I don't think it would suit everyone. I also love the creme finish of it. It's perfect! The only down side is the wear it doesn't chip to much but because it's so light it just seems to attract dirt and it ends up looking quite grubby unless you've done nothing all day.


3.Rebel young 218 

 I have no idea how much this cost as Theresa (my German friend) sent it me for my birthday and I love it. It's a very pinky dark red with a nice subtle gloss to it. For such a dark colour I don't expect much, but this ones wear time is pretty good it is again around the two to three day mark.

4. Barry M Black multi glitter £2.99 

 I love this it reminds me of a really clear nights sky, it's a base of black with the finest milled silver glitter I've ever seen. The wear on this is really good, I get about four to five days out of it.

Leaving the best till last this is one of the most beautiful polishes ever, it reminds me of autumn leaves and pumpkins and its just so autumnal. Wear time on this is about two to three days. I just wish it wasn't a limited edition one, the link is for one on ebay. 

 So that's it I hope you enjoyed this post



  1. that o.p.i polish looks lovely! how opaque is it? xo

    1. Somewhere in the region of two to three coats depending on how thick you paint it xx

  2. Oooh that Ciate one looks lovely! xo

  3. The ciate polish looks so pretty and I love the name! :D x


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