Thursday, October 17, 2013

German beauty!

Hallo! (a little German there for you) Today I'm going to be showing you what I got in my exchange package from my lovely friend Theresa, I'm going to be doing little tiny reviews for everything so I hope you enjoy!


So first of we have the bebe relaxing care day and night cream. I'm really liking this I find it works best for my skin type as a night moisturizer as it is a little heavy in the morning for my oily skin. It also smells really nice. Next up is the flormar mango hand cream. I've been carrying this around in my bag as it sinks in so quickly it's really nice and moisturizing so its fab for on the go. Finally for random miscellaneous things is the Shawarzkopf Anti frizz lotion. I've been putting a pea sized amount of this in my hair when its wet and it's really helped to tame the frizz.


So first up for face is this beauty blender, this is from one of the German drugstores called DM I am really liking this so far although I do find I have to blend a little with my Real techniques buffing brush just to get a flawless finish. Next for face is the Catrice camouflage cream in 020 light beige, this is really nice and super creamy. Its also a pretty good colour match. Finally for face I have the Catrice defining blush in apropos apricot. This is such a pretty peach with gold shimmer it's also really subtle so it's great for school.


    from left to right Catrice concealer and Catrice blush (apologies for the really gross cut on my arm!) 


Next up I have eyes, first of is the Essence I love extreme volume mascara. This is amazing the brush is huge and it really helps build up volume. Next for eyes is the Essence stays no matter what liquid eyeliner this is really nice the brush is a little flimsy so if your not good with liquid eyeliner I wouldn't recommend it but if your pretty good at it i'd check it out. Next is the Essence colour arts eye base this feels really smooth and really helps keep your eyeshadow looking good. Finally for eyes I have the Essence quattro eyeshadow in 07 over the taupe. This is really nice as you can use it for a light day look or you can make it into a nice dark smoky look.


                                Top Essence eyeshadow quad Bottom Essence liquid liner


Finally for makeup I have lips the first thing I have Anatomicals never lose your cherry spf 8 lip balm, this smells amazing and for a liquid lip gloss type balm it moisturizes really well. The other thing I got for lips is the p2 Sheer glam lipstick in 090 sex and the city. This is a really sheer berry colour so again its great for school.


                                      Top Anatomicals lip balm Bottom P2 sex and the city


Last up in the box were 2 nail polishes the first is a top coat and its the p2 gel re fill. This is amazing it dries your nail polish so quickly and makes them really nice and shiny. The second is an essie nail polish in the shade aruba blue this is the most gorgeous metallic blue ever I love it. 

 So that's it if you would like to see full reviews on anything in this post let me know and I will put them on my To review list!



  1. I would love to see a review of the essie nail polish, it's such a pretty colour! x

  2. The Got2b hair thing is soo good! I love it, and it smells awesome! I hope you like it! Giedre xxx

  3. Great post these are all new to me :) they sound great x


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