Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hauling #1 Topshop, Primark and Superdrug

Hello lovelies,
Today i've got a haul for you. I would love to know if these type of posts intrest you. Before we start just a quick disclaimer to say i'm not bragging. I hope that all you guys know that but just incase there you go.


Lace trim socks £3.50 each or £8 for 3 
Is it just me or does everyone and their dog have some of these socks. I love them so much there so cute!
Skull and cross rings £3.50 reduced from £12.50

I fell in love with these rings especially the rose gold ones they are amazing I am a bit annoyed though because in my excitement I picked up a small instead of a medium! *face palm*


Dip dye skull jumper £8.00
 How could I not get this. The camera doesn't do it justice at all!

Aviator sunglasses £2.00
 I needed some sunglasses and had a pair of these last year but I have no idea were they are so I decided to pick some more up 

Spiked headband £1.50

Leather and spiked headband £1 reduced from £2.50
As you may have noticed I like spikes ALOT!! So I decided to pick these up.

Bracelet pack £1.50

I picked these up on a whim at the till and i'm so glad I did. There so simple yet add so much to an outfit.

BAM! crop top £4.00
 To be quite honest im not even sure why I got this but I love it. I think it will look great with a skater skirt.

Denim look skater skirt £10.00
 I was actually looking for a black skater skirt when I came across this and I couldn't not have it. 

camo print purse £2.00 reduced from £4.00
 I wanted a new purse. This one is camo and has studs on it, need I say more!

Black no metal hair bobbles £1.00
 I think these are pretty self explanatory.


Coconut and almond intensive conditioner 99p each or 2 for £1.49

 I love this stuff and I will always have a tub or two.

Barry m Gelly hi-shine in Greenberry and textured nail effects
in kingsland road. £3.99 each or 2 for £6.00
 I've read so many good things about these polishes and decided to give them a try.

FashionistA palette £5.00
and the blushes new york, nude, rose thrill and butterscotch
£4.00 each

I've been wanting to try these since miss budget beauty mentioned them a couple of months ago, and when I walked in superdrug today they had an offer were you could fill the palette for £10.00. I jumped at the chance and got three blushes and an eyeshadow, although I will be using it for bronzer, as it is the perfect pale colour for my skin. 


Chit chat highlighter £1.00

Poundland isn't the place i'd think about going for makeup but everyone seems to rave about this and say its a dupe for benefit high beam. So I thought i'd see what the fuss is about and for £1 its not going to break the bank.

Have you bought anything nice recently?
let me know down below
ciao for now
cole xoxox


  1. I'm currently saving for a new car since mines been playing up recently. Trying to be good with money but oh! It is so hard!
    I have a giveaway on at the minute, would love for you to check it out :D x

    1. hhehehe I hope you get a new car I find saving so hard being a blogger theres always something I want !! XX

  2. frilly socks <3... and I'm loving the update.. jst noticed!

  3. Nice haul, great make up choices and I love the crop top you chose, xoxo.

  4. You got some great pieces, I love the Barry M nail polishes and those Topshop frilly socks! xx

    1. I cannot wait to use them thanks for commenting xx

  5. Good bargain work! I have the highlighter too, I shall be interested to hear what you think :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. So far I'm really liking it. I love the way it looks on xx

  6. Love a good denim skater skirt and I love the topshop socks as well, so cute!

    A little bit Unique


  7. awesome purchases

  8. Oh my gosh, I love the frilly socks :) They're adorable! And I really need those sunglasses, they're so cheap! xxx

    1. I was so pleased when I saw them on the sunglasses stand thing (technical terms hehe ) xxx

  9. Greenberry is my favourite nail polish atm, love it!

    1. I've just painted my nails with it and its amazing x


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