Saturday, March 23, 2013

Collection cream puff review!

Hello lovelies,
Today i've got a review for you. These are matt moisturising lip creams and they are amazing. They are such pretty colours and I bought the two pink shades that were in my boots, they also have a couple of nude shades. So lets get on before I start rambling.

Left;Fairy cake
Right;Cotton candy

The two shades I picked up are cotton candy and fairy cake. Fairycake is a gorgeous pinky coral colour which I think will look fabulous in the summer. The other shade Cotton candy is a muted rosy pink colour. 

Just to confuse these swatches are the opposite way around to the photo above ooops!
Left;Cotton candy
Right;Fairy cake

Although these are matte lip creams, they don't cling to dry patches and they feel super moisturising. I find they last somewere between 4-5 hours as long as you don't eat or drink. If you do I found that they rubbed of straight away and left a lovely stain around the edges of my lips (not good!) I wouldn't go as far to say the finish was matte as when applied they ar quite glossy, as they wear they end up somewere between matte and glossy. I dont think you could get away with these if you had super dry lips but if you only have a few patches like me you should be ok.

Overall I love these and at £2.99 they are such a bargain. I now need to get my hands on the Rimmel apocalips so I can compare them.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend
cole xoxox


  1. These look nice! I like Cotton Candy!

    Kimberley x

  2. Cute colors and nice review:)
    xx M


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