Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dainty doll powder blushes review.

Hello lovelies,
As most of you probably know recently dainty doll have been selling on amazon and fragrance direct. After reading about it on twitter (@coleoftheball follow me !!) I decided to pick up 2 of there blushes.

The first blush I chose was hippy shake, which is a lilac colour in the pan. When on the skin it is a beautiful light pink shimmery blush. It looks amazing as a highlight and looks fab on pale skin.

The other blush I got was my girl. This is a shimmery pink colour, which on the skin is quite bright. I think this will look so amazing on any skin tone as its so super pigmented you can really build it up.

Heres the swatches, sorry there not very clear.
Top-My girl
Bottom-Hippy shake

Have you guys tried anything from dainty doll?

Cole xoxox


  1. I tried their eyeliner and mascara in one, I won it off Glamour magazine and loved how intense the black was. You can also buy their products online off Very. I like the lilac one, they both look great on your skin, xoxo.

  2. The dainty doll products are a bargain at the minute! Those blushes are lovely, the lilac one looks so scary on the pan, but really lovely when swatched

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    1. I was so shocked when I opened it but its my fave out the two xx

  3. Ahh, I love the colour of this blusher. Not sure if it will be visible on my skin but it looks fantastic:) xx

  4. My Girl looks so pretty! Xx


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