Saturday, March 09, 2013

Topshop peel off nails Review.

Hello lovelies,
Today i'm going to be reviewing this gorgeous peel off polish by topshop. It is in the colour straight laced which is a beautiful lilac/grey colour which is perfect for spring. 
Topshop peel off nails in straight laced £6.00
I find its completely opaque after 2 coats and I really like the formulae. As for the peel off aspect I love it! I think its a brilliant idea the only thing I would say is that it does start to peel off after wearing it all day but personally that does not bother me as I change my nails every day anyway. I would recommend this to anyone who loves painting their nails but hates taking it off. Its also amazing for glitter as it peels off just as easily. Overall I think topshop have done amazing with this.

Topshop straight laced and Barry M rose quartz glitter.

ciao for now 
cole xoxox


  1. Oh this sounds absolutely perfect for me! I'm the same I change my nail polish up practically daily and it's always a pain taking it off! Definitely going to check out the range!

    A little bit Unique


    1. It's fabulous and for £6 there's nothing to complain about xx

  2. What a pretty colour. Saves the polish remover coming out too.

    kate @ sparkle dust xx


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