Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday facemask #8

Hello lovelies,
I'm really sorry I missed last weeks ffm post. I didn't feel up to writing it due to the fact I'd had my operation a matter of hours before. I'm going to get straight on as I'm sure you'd much rather read the actual post than my ramblings!

Boots natural collection tea tree and which hazel mask

My lovely friend Anna got me a couple of facemasks from natural collection for my birthday and I was really looking forward to using them. The first think I noticed was the very extreme herbal smell of the mask. I dont have much of a opinion on herbal scents I can take them or leave them but it was just to much. I was worried about putting it on my face as I was worried it would sting, it did give me a little discomfort but not to much that I had to take it off. I left it on for the required 5 minutes and I found it didn't really do much to my skin.

Overall I'm quite disappointed with the results. After the discomfort I was hoping that it would have some visible effects but it hasn't I would not buy this mask again and I give it 2/5

Hope you've had a good week and enjoy the weekend, I'm going shopping tomorrow so expect to see a haul sometime this weekend
Cole xoxox


  1. Can't wait for the haul and I didn't really get on with these face masks either!

    A little bit Unique



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