Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Billionth Kat Von D review since October

So Kat Von D has taken the UK by storm since their launch over here late last year and I've been holding off doing this review as I have seen so many of them it has been ridiculous. However as I got a couple of bits for Christmas I thought I might as well stick my opinions into the mix so without further ado lets get on with it.

Everlasting Liquid lipsticks in Bow N Arrow and Lolita 2 - £16
Oh damn I love these things. I first wore one on Christmas day and it lasted all throughout the meal and still looked beautiful afterwards. They are a fairly thin formula meaning that they feel incredibly comfortable but also aren't as drying. They are incredibly opaque and the two shades I have tried thus far are completely streak proof (Although I have heard the darker shades can be a little). One thing I hear a lot of people say about these is that they find the applicator to be too long however I find I can get a perfectly precise application. That being said both shades I have are nude and I am not sure it would be as easy with the darker or brighter shades.

Left - Bow n Arrow -  Right - Lolita II

Shade and Light quad in Rust - £17.00
I didn't actually realise how affordable these little quads are. For £17 you get four incredibly beautiful shadows which are rich in pigment and have an incredibly buttery texture. These are so beautifully blendable however due to this I do find they can sometimes have a lot of fall out so I tend to go for them before I do my base makeup. What I love about this palette is the fact it is perfect for if I need a matte shade whilst creating a warm look however it still works beautifully as a stand alone palette.
Rust Quad
Shade and Light eye contour palette - £37.00

These shadows are exactly the same as the little palette. They are beautifully pigmented, creamy, blendable and basically just a dream to work with. Again they do have a very small amount of fall out but as I said before this isn't something that really bothers me. Due to the incredibly creamy texture I do find these crease a little easier than other shadows however I find that this is easily sorted with a good eye primer. I love the fact that this palette has a mix of both cooler and warmer tones making it very versatile.

Now I'm not a fan of cardboard packaging however this is incredibly sturdy and I really feel like it would fare well even when traveling. I also love the fact there is a huge mirror making it even better for travel. Again like the smaller quad it makes for a perfect standalone palette as well as something that mixes well with a shimmery palette like Urban decay Moondust.

So that's it for today's review. I really hoped you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favourites from the collection are because I definitely need to try some more!

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