Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Blog posts I loved - January

So I did one of these posts at the end of last year and I really enjoyed writing it so I've decided to make it into a little series. At the end of every month I am going to compile a list of my favourite posts and I hope you enjoy reading them too.
A look inside my bullet journal - Beauty by Kelsey - I really need to get round to starting a bullet journal, I feel like they are the best way to keep organised and  I feel like it something I need in my life. I love reading these posts as I'm always look for some inspiration.
My predictions for blogging in 2017 - Hannah Gale - I really enjoyed these posts at the start of the year and Hannah's was my favourite. I really do wish that I had done one of these and I definitely want to do one at the end of this year.
100 Blog post ideas to beat bloggers block - Lizzie Gines - I see a lot of these posts and I have to say a lot of them are super similar however I thought Lizzie's post contained some ideas that I have never seen in these kind of posts and some ideas that I may possibly use in the future.
How to: Downsize your makeup collection - Aspiring Londoner - This post was so helpful and actually inspired me to have a good clear out. Don't get me wrong I still have too much makeup but I definitely have a little less than I did before.

5 ideas for building your own Eyeshadow palette - Jasmine talks - I love Jasmine's posts and I love custom shadow palette so this was perfect for me. I wish this post was around when I first started purchasing my makeup geek shades as it has sooo many swatches.

2016's Hyped products that were a hell no from me - Through the Mirror - I really do love these kind of posts I think especially as a blogger myself we sometimes need to just stand up and be like hey you all loved this but I thought it was shite. Also the photography is just beautiful.

Life : The end of a chapter - Katie Snooks - This post was just so raw and so incredibly beautifully written. I feel like a lot of bloggers don't ever talk about their life and it's just nice to see such an honest post.

3 Beauty brands I want to try more from - Through the Mirror - As you've probably gathered I've been loving Caitlin's blog recently. I think this is such a brilliant idea for a post as you can not only get recommendations but readers can also benefit. I think I'm definitely going to be writing something along these lines.

Keeping your blog photography interesting : Props and backgrounds - Pint sized beauty - I am a little bored with my photos at the moment and I definitely want to incorporate more props into my pictures to make them a little more interesting. I like the fact that this post contains so many super affordable ideas.

The Vegan Rainbow bowl - The V nice life - Now I'm not vegan but I am vegetarian so I have ended up following some Vegan blogs and I had to share this post with you all because these look incredible. I love a good salad and this is definitely one I'm going to be looking into when I want something a little different.

Everyday Lipsticks in every formula - LPage Beauty - I love a good nude everyday lip and loved the selection in this post. I feel like there is definitely something in here for everyone.       

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