Sunday, January 29, 2017

The most contriversial liquid lipsticks

In the past few months Jeffree Star has definitely made a huge amount of drama, whether you love him or hate him no one can deny there is a huge amount of hype around his velour liquid lipsticks so today I thought I would share my personal opinions with you. I currently have four shades, two from his permanent range and two from his limited edition Christmas range which I'm pretty sure are still in stock on Beauty bay for any UK buyers. I have to say I find these are incredibly inconsistent in formula out of the four I have I wouldn't say any of them were the same. I absolutely love the applicator on these as it is curved making it really easy to get a clean and neat application. I would definitely say you need well prepped lips for these and as long as they are not too dry they can look incredible, so without further ado lets get into the colours.

Starting off with my favourite shade we have Androgyny, this is one of the shades in the permanent line and for me this is the perfect dark nude shade. It has a good balance of brown and pink meaning it doesn't lean too bright or too vampy and it is honestly one I have got so much use out of. Formula wise this is a much more mousey texture than the other three. It is a little thicker meaning it is more opaque and I find this one to have a good 7-8 hours wear time. 

The other permanent shade I have is Rose matter, this one was a lot pinker when it came than the swatches I'd seen however I have to say it has really grown on me. It's actually quite a bright nude pink and although it's not one I reach for the most often it is something I've been wearing more than I thought I would. Out of the four this one is definitely the thinnest formula and I'm pretty sure if I tipped the tube upside down it would definitely run out. Despite the incredibly thin formula this has a really nice opacity however I do find this one to be the most drying out of the four I have and it's definitely not designed to be layered. Wear time on this one is just under 5 hours before it gets really uncomfortably dry and gross. The one thing I will say about this one is that it is the only shade that has a scent. I think it's meant to smell like root beer but in all honesty to me it just smells like cough syrup.

Sagittarius, Androgyny, Rose matter, Designer blood.
Moving onto the Christmas collection shades first off I have Sagittarius which is an absolutely stunning purple grey shade. What I love about this is even though it has the grey undertones it doesn't make me skin look super sallow and gross. This one is somewhere in between the texture of Rose matter and Androgyny. Not too thick or too thin, it glides on really opaque and sits very comfortably. Wear time for this one is similar to Androgyny and it definitely isn't anywhere near as dry as Rose matter. The final shade I have is Designer blood which is a gorgeous deep red with a very slight amount of teeny tiny blue shimmer particles. I actually find that out of them all this wears the most evenly. Like all liquid lipsticks it does tend to wear within the inner rim of the lips if you are eating or drinking however I find it is definitely the best for lasting on the rest of the lips. I always expect darker liquid lipsticks to be a little bit patchy however I found that this one is beautifully opaque in one swipe of the applicator. 


  1. I heard all the drama and watched his videos explaining himself but I can't help but love him even if I shouldn't? I want the shade celebrity skin but I think it would be too dry. It's weird how there's different opinions I thought they would all be amazing seeing as he wears them himself and gives them to his friends as well and reviewing so many liquid lipsticks! Xx

  2. tbf the shades do look really lovely xx


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