Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The best sparkly palette ever

I am so late on the band wagon with this one as per usual but can we just take a moment to appreciate that this palette is glittery both inside and out. I wasn't going to bother reviewing it as it was basically the only palette people talked about at one point however I just loved it so much I had to mention it in case of some of you have been living under a rock and haven't seen anything about this palette.
This palette contains 8 of the Moondust shadows, which for £35 isn't too bad especially for me who wouldn't buy some of the shades in full size however it is nice to have then in my collection. The outer packaging of this product is just absolutely stunning. The casing feels incredibly hardy and like it would withstand travelling well. I of course also absolutely love the glittery packaging.

Inside the palette you get a nice large mirror as you do with the majority of Urban Decay palettes. In terms of size this was actually a little smaller than I imagined but for me that really isn't a problem as I just think it makes it more convenient for travel. In terms of the formula I already knew I loved it. These shadows are basically just pressed glitters and once on the lids they add a slight hint of the base colour but nothing major. One thing I would say with these is it is definitely best to apply them before applying any base product as they do have some fallout as with any other glitter shadow does. In terms of lasting power I find these last nicely. Some glitters can fall into the crease very quickly however these remain fully intact for a good 8 hours before they begin to move about.

The first shade in the palette is Specter which is the most beautiful duo chrome peachy pink colour. This is definitely my favourite shade out of the palette. It looks absolutely beautiful pressed over anything however my favourite way to wear it is pressed over a pink eyeshadow look. Next up we have Element which I feel like is such a me shade. It is a stunning burnt orange shade which looks incredible pressed over any warm toned looks. It is also absolutely perfect to top coppers with to give them more warmth. Next up is Magnetic which is a deep grey based purple shade. Again  this looks beautiful with a pink eye look but also adds a little edge to a purple smokey eye. The final shade on the top row is Lightyear, I think this is the only shade in the palette that I probably not going to touch. Although it is a gorgeous jade green shade I'm just not quite sure I'm brave enough.
First up on the top row we have Granite out of all 8 of the shade this is the one with the strongest base colour it is a deep charcoal grey base with a silver glitter. I absolutely love adding this one over the top of a smokey eye to make it super dramatic. The most neutral shade in the palette is Lithium this is a really pretty brown and gold glitter which just adds a little bit of something to an otherwise neutral look. Another super bright one is Vega I absolutely love blue eyeshadow pressed under the waterline and the sparkle just makes it even more fabulous. This isn't quite a bright cobalt blue but it isn't quite a baby blue either. If you are a fan of a pop of colour on the waterline this is perfect. The final shade in the palette is Galaxy which is another stunning blue shade. This one is much closer to a navy with lots of blue and silver sparkle. Again another fab one to pop on top of a smokey eye to add a bit of a twist.


  1. This palette is so pretty. The shades are so bright and beautiful. They would be absolutely perfect in Spring and Summer time. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Ooh this looks like such a pretty palette! I haven't bought any UD palettes in so long because I have so many but I do love this one. Those bottom four shades are probably the ones I would wear the most

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  3. I've been toying with whether to get this palette or not cos I know the UD glitter eye shadows have a lot of fall out but it seems to be THE UD palette at the moment so I may have to cave.


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