Wednesday, January 25, 2017

NYX Liquid suedes Collection - Review and swatches

Since you guys seemed to enjoy my MUA Velvet lip lacquer post I thought you might enjoy a NYX one. I really love these, they are an incredible formula and are so comfortable. These aren't completely matte and I have heard some people say they don't like them because of that factor however I find I always reach for them when I want a liquid lipstick but my lips are feeling a little more dry than usual. They have a huge variety of shades and I'm pretty sure there is something in the range for everyone. Wear time wise they are all beautiful and wear very similarly and formula wise they are mostly opaque.

First off we have Run the world which is a crazily intense lilac purple shade. This definitely isn't one for the faint hearted but I absolutely adore it. I will say this shade is a slight bit patchier than the rest of the other shades however you can do a couple of layers and it still doesn't feel gross or dry. The other purple shade I have is Subversive socialite which is a stunning deep purple shade. This is such a beautiful dark shade however it does wear a little bit more obviously than the rest of the shades I have.

These two shades look so similar in these two pictures however I can promise they aren't. The first is Vintage which is the more red version of the two, this does remind me of Rimmel 107 with a little more purple in it. The other shade is Club hopper which is much more brown than vintage. Again it is a similar reddy purple winter shade which actually looks a lot darker in person. These both wear so beautifully even though they are such dark shades and they are just perfect for this time of year.

I absolutely love Kitten heels which is a beautiful true red shade. This is one of my latest purchases however I have got so much wear out of it. It was perfect for over the festive season but I also think it is a stunning more everyday red. I also have Jet set which is a pretty brave out there colour. It is the most incredible bright cobalt blue and I actually love it! I wasn't sure how much I would like it but I've actually worn it a lot more than I thought I would.

Stone fox is the most incredible greeny-bluey-gray colour which I love as I find it really makes my eyes pop. I didn't expect to get much wear time out of this however it lasted beautifully. One thing I will say is that I have to be careful what other makeup I wear with it as it can end up making me look a bit grey. Another pretty out there shade is Alien which is a blue toned black shade. I honestly have so many people compliment me every time I wear it. Black is a shade I never thought I would wear however I cannot get enough of it.

Finally we have the two much more nude shades in my collection. My most worn out of all ten I own is definitely Soft spoken which is a stunning mauevy nude, it is slightly grey brown toned which I love. I feel like this is a really grown up nude shade. The last one is Brooklyn thorn which is a really beautiful very grey toned purple nude. Again like Stone fox I have to be careful what other makeup I
wear with it as it can leave me looking a little grey. I think this is perfect if you are wanting to try a more individual nude shade. 


  1. Run The World and Vintage are incredible, thanks for sharing. So many cool colours and they all really suit you xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. These look so amazing, I wish I was brave enough for the colours!

  3. wow these look so funky gal! so unique xx


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