Sunday, February 12, 2017

New In #1 - First bits from colourpop

So I recently won a giveaway which gave me the opportunity to give some colourpop products a go. I have heard so much good stuff about the brand however I tend to steer clear of ordering from America as customs charges make me want to run and hide. I was really excited to ty out these products but unfortunately they have left me with a little sour taste in my mouth. I am no way near as impressed as I thought I would be so without further ado lets get on.
Ultra Matte lip set in Foxy -
This little set contains 5 of colourpops best selling Ultra matte liquid lipsticks, these were definitely the thing I was looking forward to trying the most and was actually the thing I ended up liking the least. I loved all five of the shades however they are the driest liquid lipsticks I have ever tried. I found they clung to any slight dry patches instantly and felt like they were sucking all the life out of my lips but when I went near any food or drink they smeared around my face. I expected as they were so drying they would stay really well however whenever they come into contact with pretty much anything they smudge awfully. Overall I was so disappointed with these as I really was expecting them to be my new favourite liquid lipsticks as I've heard so much good stuff.
Super shock Highlighter in Spoon -
This is so similar to the texture of the L'Oreal L'or highlight which I absolutely love so I was incredibly excited to give it a go however I found it was just a bit too glittery for my liking. I don't have the smallest pores in the world and I found this didn't help them at all. I did like the formula however so would perhaps consider trying another if I saw one in a blog sale however I don't think I would order from their website anytime soon.
Spoon, Puppy love, Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, Creeper, More better.
Super shock eyeshadow in Puppy love -
I think this is my favourite out of the three product I tried. It has that same formula as the highlighter which is just so difficult to describe but it is a really pretty light peachy almost duo chrome shade. I lie this one all over the lid with some winged liner however I find when I use it in conjunction with other shadows it does make things a tad difficult to blend however I feel like it would probably work better with other shades from colourpop as they will have the same texture.
Overall I have to say I haven't been overly impressed with the products I've tried from colourpop so far. I would love for you to let me know in the comments if you have any products you really love from them!


  1. Ahh that sucks you were so disappointed! I can't ignore the hype Colourpop gets, I do want to try some of their products still. The shades of the lippys are absolutely beautiful, but I cannot stand a dry formula. Maybe I'll try some of their other lip products.

    corrie |

  2. wow, so lucky you won the giveaway but a shame you didnt like the products! :( xx

  3. I use Puppy Love on it's own when I'm feeling really lazy with my makeup. I feel like it helps to open up my eyes and make me look a little more 'together'. X

    Jordan Alice


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