Sunday, August 14, 2016

Life ¦ New makeup storage

I finally gave in and bought the Ikea Alex drawers, I've been storing my makeup in my Malm dressing table for about a year now and it had just got to the point where it wasn't big enough. things from one section had ended up in completely the wrong place as there just wasn't enough room. I read quite a lot of posts about these drawers before purchasing them and I decided the best way to store things in them would be in the MUJI PP trays. These come in three sizes and fit really nicely into the Alex drawers. I've also managed to fit all my skincare, nail polishes and even some body care products in them so I'm pretty impressed with how much they hold. The only makeup items that aren't in the drawers are my lip products which are in my MUJI tower which is three of the two draw wide stacked up.

Most of the little bits and bobs on my dressing table and on top of the Alex are also from Ikea. I have my three little cactuses, two of the small Skurar pots which my lip liners and eye brushes, one of the large Skurar pots which holds my face brushes and then a little Skurar plate which I just keep my everyday jewellery, memory cards and anything else that doesn't really have it's own place. My mirror is also from Ikea but I can't for the life of me remember how much it was. Finally on my actual dressing table I have a Yankee candle wax tart burner, a little glass pot for cotton pads, my Paperchase weekly desk planner and my laptop as this gets used as both a desk and a dressing table. I also have my cute little bamboo and a list pad on the side next to my dressing table.

Moving on to in the actual drawers, as I said everything is stored in the PP baskets from MUJI. I have used mostly the size 2 which are the medium ones however I do have a few sizes 1's and 3's. In the top drawer I keep my bases concealers and primers. In the back box I also have CC creams and very light bases with my primers.
 Draw number two is my random drawer so it has brow stuff, powders, eye primers and under makeup skincare/ setting sprays.

In this one is all my blushes and bronzers as well as any contour products.

In this drawer we have liquid and powder highlights as well as mascaras and eye liner. I also keep my lashes and some tools like sharpeners and tweezers in one of the little MUJI pots in the back of this drawer.

In this one I keep all my single and duo shadows in the front basket and then the back one contains all of my smaller eyeshadow palettes.

Finally for makeup we have the palette drawer, this one contains a mix of both face and eye palettes.

The final three drawers contain my nail polishes, skincare and my everyday bits and bobs like deodorant, dry shampoo and body butter as well as my lush bath bombs.



  1. You have such an amazing collection!! I really need new storage so this was such a lovely post to read! <3

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  2. It's brilliant that you've been able to fit everything in & the dividers are perfect - I need to get some of those! xx

    Beautylymin| Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct Giveaway

  3. Love it! I have the trays and the Ikea pots, I think I need the acrylic storage next, my dressing table is getting very full!

    corrie |

  4. I love taking a little nosey into people's makeup storage! I think I need to organise mine a lot better haha!

    Lovely blogpost!
    Francesca xx


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