Saturday, August 06, 2016

Beauty ¦ Another collective haul

Ooops is all I have to say for myself right now. However I am now on a spending ban and I haven't spent money on makeup in over 3 weeks so I mean I'm quite pleased with myself. There are a couple of repurchases in here and also a fab deal from Benefit!
Starting off we have the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer in Fair neutral I already have this in Light neutral however I've found that it's just a little too dark for under my eyes so I thought I would pick up the shade below. This is such a lovely concealer for the under the eyes as it is so creamy and lightweight. Next up I picked up The Balm Mary-Lou manizer I can so see why everyone loves this one, it is a really beautiful champagne gold shade which gives the skin the most stunning glow I actually reviewed this /Here/ if you want to know a little more about it. Another super hyped up highlight is Laura Geller Gilded honey this one is a little bit darker than Mary-Lou however it's another gorgeous champagne gold shade. I was little worried when this arrived that it was going to be a little too dark however I've found that it works well even on my super pale skin. I feel like this is definitely the perfect holiday highlight.
I picked up two setting sprays in the past couple of months as I'm hoping to find a cheaper dupe than the Urban Decay All nighter setting spray I picked up another of the small sizes as I just can't justify paying £22 for what is essentially glorified water. Don't get me wrong I really do think that it helps keep makeup on for longer and takes away any cakeiness however it still hurts to pay that much for it. As the Maybelline Super stay setting spray was on offer on Feel unique I decided this would be the first one I compared I've only tried this one twice so far and I've not quite decided how I feel yet. The spray is no way near as fine as the Urban decay one so it's one I'll definitely have to report back on.

Left to Right - Mary-Lou manizer, Gilded honey, Naked concealer.

I've gone a little crazy with new brow products, however Benefit was running one of their makeup deals were you get three products a makeup bag and a free gift for my three products I picked out KAbrow! Which is somewhere between a brow gel and a pomade. I find it really easy to work with and it can either be built up for a very heavy brow or sheered out for a much more subtle look. Next up I decided to try the Precisely my brow pencil as it looked so similar to my Smashbox brow tech matte pencil which I absolutely adore. It's a very thin pencil which from pictures is very similar to the Anastasia Brow wiz. I like a thinner pencil as it gives me more control and means I'm able to add in some extra hairs in the front of my brows. Finally I decided to repurchase Gimme brow I really love this product and this deal seemed the perfect time to repurchase it. It adds a little volume to the brows whilst really setting them in place and stopping them from moving anywhere.
I also picked a couple of new brow things from Freedom, I decided to pick up their Brow powder duo in Ash brown as I already have dark brown which is a lot warmer so I picked up this one to mix with those shades to create my perfect brow shade. I also went for their Brow pomade in Ash brown as I wanted to compare the formula to the Anastasia dip brow. It is actually very similar in  texture but it is perhaps a slight bit drier than the Anastasia one. This shade is actually a good one if i'm going for a more dramatic brow look however my Anastasia one is definitely better for everyday.

Brow pencil, Gimme brow, KAbrow, Freedom Pomade, Freedom powders
 Finally for today we have the free gift that came with the benefit set, it's the Luv it up tin I am actually so happy as I have wanted to try the benefit shadows and the cream shadows for so long. I have to say I am super impressed by the cream shadow. The texture is really lovely and it feels like it really sets on the lid. I used it in conjunction with the shadows and it really helped them to pop but also made them last so much longer the lids. It also comes with the Dandelion gloss which is something I've used before and really liked as it's a brilliant low key lip.
Dandelion, RSVP, Call my buff, Nude swings, Thanks a latte.

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  1. Such a lovely haul! This really makes me want to go out and spend way to much money on makeup now! <3

    Amelia | Amelia Grace


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