Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Life ¦ Cole gets fit or dies trying #2

So this whole regular update thing went well. I'm pretty sure I haven't spoken about fitness over here since I did my first post when I joined the gym. Since my last update I've gone from working out at least three times a week to cutting down to once or twice due to an injury which really sucks as I was beginning to see some progress. I've actually had to stop spinning which breaks my heart as it was killing my already very dead hip. However I have started swimming more which I'm actually really enjoying. I'm currently waiting on a hospital appointment to have a steroid injection in my hip so in the Gym I've been focusing more on my arms purely to take the pressure off my hip.
Since my last post I've also gone fully vegetarian so I've been eating even more fruit and veg than I was before and I'm slowly attempting to cut down on how many crisps and biscuits I eat a week. Even though I've been eating much healthier I am not denying myself little treats and I feel like that's really helped me stay on track. I've also found since cutting out a lot of crap out of my diet my skin has been so much better, pairing that with how much water I'm now drinking my acne has completely gone and I get the odd spot now and again but no where near on the scale it was before.
I'm hoping it is going to be less than six months before I update this again.
Let me know if you are on a journey to get fit and what's working for you! 

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