Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life ¦ Getting back into planning

So it's been a while since I've really touched my planner and I have decided to get back into it in order to get my life back together. As back to college is fast approaching I thought I would try and get back into it before we go back. I've bee watching a lot of Bullet journaling videos so I've decided to mix it into my Filofax Clipbook. What I like about the clip book is it is very light. It's perfect for throwing in my school bag and also in my handbag if I need it.
I've been using it to help me plan out my content for blogging and youtubing but I've also been using it to plan my everyday life. So I've been really enjoying the whole bullet journaling side of things. Don't get me wrong I've in no way been doing it to the extent that some people do it however I have found it really helpful to keep me more organised and it also fulfils my passion for list writing (I realise how much of a loser this makes me sound hhaha)
The clipbook is fab as you can use it anytime as it is all dated by you. It also has a yearly calendar fold out and a monthly one which help me to see my month all planned out and organised. I also really like this one for tracking my shifts at work as it's so easy to track things in as you get so many sections to write in. I've been using the sections on the weekly planner pages one for work, one for personal and one which will be used for college work once I go back.
Overall I'm really enjoying getting back into planning! I'd love to know if you plan and if you do why?

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  1. I really need go back to planning as well. It just makes everything so much easier, doesn't it? I still need to find the right method for me. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions


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