Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Blogmas ¦ Day 8 - Flamingo candles melt crowd

The first post I saw about the Flamingo candles melt crowd subscription box I knew that I had to subscribe. I actually did subscribe a couple of months ago but I had to cancel my subscription before I received my first box. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get the December box as I love a good Christmas scent. I've only actually tried out one melt but I cannot wait for next months box as I love them. You actually get a free burner with your first box which I think is a lovely idea as if you are just starting out with candles it's perfect. In each box you receive 8 melts. Some scents are box exclusives and some are from the permanent line which is something I'm a little concerned about as I really don't want to fall in love with a box exclusive melt.
With each box you also get a 20% off code for the month and dues to the fact that it is Christmas I also received a little flamingo tree ornament.
So onto the scents ...
Black tea and almond - I've actually got this one burning now and it smells incredible it's a very clean scent with a very slight sweetness to it. If you like scents like Yankee beach walk you will probably like this one.
Cinnamon sticks - I love a good cinnamon candle. This one is very spicy and warming however I feel like it's a little sweeter than your average cinnamon scent which I personally love.
Mulled Wine and berries - This one is a very warming spic berry scent. One thing I love about this one is that the berries seem to cut through the spice a little meaning it isn't to intense and head ache inducing.
Christmas pudding - I'm seriously amazed by this one they have that Christmas pudding scent so spot on it's unreal. I love all the sweet foody scents however it is nice to have foody scents sometimes that aren't really in your face sweet. I can't quite put my finger on what is taking away that super sickly sweetness that most Christmas pudding candles have however there is definitely something.

Black cherry - Yankee's black cherry is one of my all time favourite scents so when I opened the box to find this one I was very happy. It is almost identical to the Yankee equivalent which is fab as this one is actually a box exclusive. If had to find a difference I would say Yankee is a little tiny bit sweeter although I feel like it's very unlikely that I'd actually be able to tell the difference.
Vanilla Milk bottles - This one really strangely reminds me of a car my mum used to have when I was little which means I adore it as to me it smells very nostalgic. I thought this one was going to be a very sweet vanilla scent however it's actually quite fresh, which I think is nice in a vanilla scent as you don't find it often.
Asian pear and plum - In the wrapper I am not keen on this at all I feel like it smells a lot like washing up liquid. I may feel differently when I burn it however I'm definitely not sure.
Mistletoe - Again this is another one I'm not really sure of I'm not a fan of florally scents and to me this one smells quite floral. I'll definitely give it a go however I can definitely see this one being passed onto my mum.
Overall I am definitely impressed by this box and I will definitely be carrying on my subscription.


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