Monday, December 07, 2015

Blogmas ¦ Day 7 - More products from Born pretty

If you are a regular reader you will probably know I've spoken about born pretty before. I am always really impressed with the products that they send me so today I'm going to be sharing some more with you.
I've actually got a set of brushes very similar to these pink handled ones* and I absolutely love them so when I saw them on the website I had to get them. They are super sturdy and they feel super gentle on the eyes. I also love the angled one for concealer. If you need some new eye brushes and you want ones that wont break the bank these are perfect.
Next up I picked out a Makeup sponge* I've been wanting to try a beauty blender forever but I wasn't sure how I would get on with it and when I tried to find the real techniques sponge my local boots never seemed to have it so I was really excited to try this one. I can confirm that I really do love it. It seems to apply my foundation seamlessly and I've also found it's actually been lasting longer when I use this. (Although that could just be me)
DOG 02
Since it's Christmas time I thought picking out this 10 set of lashes* seemed appropriate as it is the party season. I'm very picky about what lashes I wear as I find so many styles look really strange on me. These don't look quite as full on the website however it turns out I actually really like them. They definitely aren't a natural looking lash however I think for parties etc. they are perfect.
So finally I have one of the DOG Eyeshadow crayons in 02*. I love a good cream shadow and I find sticks so easy to use that I definitely had to give this a go. The shade 02 is a beautiful mix of copper and gold with some pretty obvious shimmer. I was quite impressed by the formula and I found using it alongside my usual eye primer (Urban decay Primer potion for reference) that it looked good all day and I only experienced a very slight colour fade which no one is likely to notice. If you like eyeshadow crayons and you'd like to try something that not everyone has done I would definitely suggest these.

Don't forget to add the code BAXH10 at the checkout for 10% off!


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