Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Blogmas ¦ Day 29 - Primark makeup

Over the past couple of weeks I've been trying out some items from Primark's beauty range and today I thought i'd give you my thoughts. Overall I will say I'm really impressed with the products for the prices they really are brilliant quality however there are a few products that I prefer to others.
There are a couple of the products that I'm not overly bothered by the brow pencil in Dark is okay. For me personally it's a little too waxy and I also find that it is just far to dark for me. I've got quite dark hair but it's a very rich chocolate brown shade so if I'm not really careful it can end up looking far to dark. I also wasn't overly impressed with the Liquid lipsticks (Which I forgot to photograph) They are okay however I personally much prefer a matte liquid lipstick rather than a glossy one so they aren't for me.
I've actually been using the liquid concealer under my eyes for the past couple of weeks and I'm honestly really enjoying it. It isn't heavy but it offers a fairly substantial amount of coverage for the tiny price of £1.50. It's also a really lovely pale shade which I find is really difficult to get in a very low end concealer. The four shadow palette was something that I didn't really know what to expect but I'm pretty happy with it. Don't get me wrong they are in no way the most amazing shadows I've ever tried but for £2.00 for four shades I just can't complain. They are easy to blend and give of a pretty amazing pigmentation for the price. If you are wanting to try a smokey eye without investing massive amounts of money I'd highly suggest giving the smokey one a go (unfortunately they don't have any names)
Finally onto my favourite products from the range the Lip liners and the velvet matte lip pencils are both amazing products. The velvet matte lip pencils are so creamy and comfortable to wear but they provide a really lovely long lasting matte finish. I've actually ended up with the three dark shades but I love them all so much. The lip liners are also incredibly creamy but they work brilliantly to stop lipstick fading so fast and reduce/eliminate bleeding.
So overall I'd highly recommend you give the Primark makeup range a go.


  1. I'd never thought of Primark as somewhere to go for make-up but the concealer sounds really good, I love that it comes in a pale shade! You're right, it's very difficult to find a low-priced one xx


  2. that palette looks so pretty



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