Monday, December 21, 2015

Blogmas ¦ Day 21 - The pros and cons of laser hair removal.

Hi guys, for todays blog post I've got a fab post about the pros and cons of laser hair removal. It's not something I personally have tried myself but I'm definitely considering after reading all the pros. So I hope you guys find this post useful.
Unwanted hair can really be a pain, especially if you don't want to be shaving and waxing it away
almost constantly. So, you might think that the best solution is to have laser treatment. After all, that
will just zap the hair away for good, right? Well, that isn't exactly true. Laser hair removal procedures
are a great solution, but they aren't magical. It's important to have realistic expectations. So, here are
some things to remember.
It is absolutely true that they can get rid of hair in a more exact and effective way than waxing or
shaving. First of all, a single procedure is extremely accurate, and won't leave any embarrassing single hairs behind like shaving might. In the long term, they are also more effective than those methods because the machines can pinpoint hairs and get rid of them all the way down to the follicles, which means that they won't return as quickly as they might after you shave them. After all, shaving only removes what you can see, not what lies beneath.
Another nice thing about a Hair removal laser is that it tends to not be as painful as waxing, at least according to most patients. It's also much more comfortable than having electrolysis. That and the fact that it is a quick procedure that usually takes only an hour or so make it extremely popular.
Side Effects That You Could Experience
Of course, when you make your first appointment, you should be aware ahead of time that there could be some slight side effects. The most common one is that your skin could be red for several hours after you leave the clinic. Some swelling may also happen, but that's generally more common during other forms of laser skin treatment, such as wrinkle reduction.
A more serious problem is that you could have some sort of reaction to the beam or its effects. For
example, you could develop blisters, welts, or changes in skin colour. But the good news is that all of
those side effects are extremely rare when patients choose their treatments wisely.
What Does Choosing a Procedure Wisely Mean?
Depending on the colour of your skin, the colour of your hair, and your general skin health, certain types of machines may not be suitable to remove your unwanted hair. That's because the heat from the lasers combined with the fact that many of them are designed to target darker hair can react badly to your particular combination of skin and hair. But don't let that stop you because there are plenty of machines that actually can work for you, especially when operated by trained technicians.
Perfect and Permanent Results Don't Exist
One final thing to remember, if you want to have realistic expectations, is that there is no such thing as perfect or permanent results. Most of these treatments are done in a series of consecutive appointments. And, while some hairs might never come back after that series is done, some will. But no matter what you should have to shave or wax far less often once you undergo those appointments.

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  1. I haven't tried professional laser hair removal but I've tried a couple of at home devices and they kind of work x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x


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