Friday, December 11, 2015

Blogmas ¦ Day 11 - 10 Festive blogpost ideas

So we are well into the festive season so today I though I'd share with you some festive post ideas. I absolutely love blogs around Christmas time as everyone seems so festive and cheery so I decided I'd write this post for anyone who is struggling for festive post ideas.
1. A Festive DIY - Now I'm not the most creative person in the world so DIY'S kind of scare me but you could do something like a little cake mix in a jar or you could make a candle holder. If your struggling for DIY ideas I'd highly suggest hitting up Pinterest.
2. A Christmas tree tour - I actually did this last year for blogmas and it was such a lovely post to write. I also think it was something that readers really enjoyed reading.
3. Christmas day routine - If your anything like me your Christmas day routine is pretty much set in stone so I love to read other peoples routines to see how they differ from mine!
4. Festive Makeup look - This is something I do every year as I love having the opportunity to slap lots and lots of glitter and sparkle on my face. I always think festive posts should be fun and if you are anything like me you'll love slapping a tonne of makeup on your face!
5. Festive baking/food - Along with makeup food is my other passion and I adore reading other peoples foodie blog posts and writing my own. Whether it's a festive cookie recipe or how to get your turkey perfect I'm all over it.
6. What I got for Christmas - As I am ridiculously nosey I love to read this kinds of posts. In all honesty at first I was a little wary about writing them however I can honestly say I've never had one negative oh you just want to show off or you are so spoilt. So if you are being put off by that don't let it bother you!
7. Christmas party outfit - This is one for you more fashion based bloggers. I love to read a good outfit post as they are one of those posts that are super easy to digest. I feel like so many people like myself struggle for outfit inspiration so festive outfit posts are something I love.
8. Gift guide - I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory. In the past I've done them as collages as lets face it some of the gifts we want to buy are just way out of the budget however I also do love a good actual physical the person owns the gifts post! I just all depends on your budget.
9. Christmas wish list - I love a good wishlist, I like to write the if money was no exception wishlists and talking about them with other bloggers. I think it's also a lovely thing to tell your family about as your wishlist is there with links to all the products and everything.
10. Festive photos - This could be anything from a trip to the Christmas markets to pictures from a festive party. I know photography posts aren't everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely love reading them.
So that's it I'd love for you to share your festive post ideas in the comments.

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