Friday, August 14, 2015

Life ¦ Foodie fridays - Triple chocolate cookies

If you know me in real life you will know I am a real chocoholic so today I thought I'd share these amazing triple chocolate cookies with you. These are seriously amazing and if left in the oven for the correct amount of time they end up deliciously gooey in the middle. I hope you enjoy this post!

Caster sugar - 400G
Unsalted butter - 200G 
Plain butter - 400G
Cocoa powder - 50G
Vanilla extract - 2 Teaspoons
Eggs - 2
Milk - A splash
Plain/Milk chocolate - 200G
White chocolate - 100G
1. Preheat the oven to 200c and line a baking tray with grease proof paper.
2.Put the butter in a microwavable bowl and heat in the microwave for around 45 seconds to melt.
3. Mix the melted butter with the sugar and add the vanilla essence and the eggs.
4. Sieve in the flour and cocoa powder into the bowl and fold in using a wooden spoon making sure there are no lumps and that the dry ingredients are well incorporated.
5. Chop up the chocolate and add to the cookie dough. I find here that the chocolate is easier to distribute through the mixture if you also add a little bit of milk.
6. Bake the cookies for around 10 minutes, once taken out the oven the surface should begin to harden and the insides should remain gooey.



  1. Oh my goodness these look amazing! I am also a chocoholic so think I definitely need to give these a go x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

  2. Mmmmm my favourite =]

  3. They are pure heaven on a plate Nicole! I NEED to try them! x


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