Monday, August 24, 2015

Beauty ¦ Mani monday #4 - Rimmel Neon fest

The summer has pretty much gone in the UK so Mani Monday's are probably going to turn a whole lot more wintery so I thought I'd give the brighter shades one last hurrah. I love this polish so much it managed to make it's way into my July favourites (which are //Here// if you want a read)
This shade is an amazing holiday shade as it really enhances a tan. It's a very bright true pink with no blue undertones. I love the brushes on the Rimmel polishes as they are nice and thick meaning that you can get a much more even coat on the nails. This also dries super fast which is a massive bonus for me as I have a habit of painting my nails and then realising that I need to do something.



  1. I love the Rita Ora polishes - this is probably one of the only few I don't have haha! I'm going to miss the summer colours, although I am excited for the navy and maroons to come back
    Megan x

    1. I absolutely love deep purples in the winter! x

  2. Such a cute colour =]


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