Friday, August 21, 2015

Life ¦ Foodie friday - The German candy post Part 1

First off a massive shout out to my lovely German friend Theresa who bought all these treats over for me to try so I could write this post. There's about 8 million posts and videos lie this floating around at the moment but I thought I would do one as I do love a good sweet treat. I actually think I'm going to split this post up into three as I don't want it to end up being to long. I really hope you enjoy and I'd love for you to recommend me some more treats from around the world that I need to try.

Knoppers are one of my all time favourite snacks and it breaks my heart that I can't get them in the UK. They are a wafer based biscuit with a chocolate and hazelnut filling followed by another wafer then a cream filling finally followed by a chocolate covered wafer. They are really hazelnutty so if you aren't a fan of nuts you are not going to like this.

Reisen are a super simple treat. They are a hard chewy caramel covered in a rich slightly bitter dark chocolate. One thing I will say is that these are super chewy. The slightly bitter chocolate balances out the super sweet caramel so overall they are not to sickly.

Nimm 2 literally translates from German to English as take 2. They are hard boiled candy sweets with a sort of gooey filling like you get in the filled haribo in orange and lemon flavours. These are really lovely and the citrus flavours are super intense and yummy. I'm going to be really sad when we finish these.

Vitraletten Kirsche are teeny little circle of a cherry powdery sweet. They kind of remind me of tiny cherry flavoured love hearts. These are perfect for if you fancy something a little sweet but you don't want anything that's going to fill you. I imagine that kids would absolutely love these.

I think these are the only thing that I have to try that you can get in the UK. Toffifee are caramel cups filled with a nougat cream and a hazelnut and topped with a very smooth milk chocolate. I absolutely love these. The texture for me is perfect as they are very smooth but there is a little crunch from the hazelnut.
I really hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. They look delish!! :-)

  2. I've tried the knoppers actually, try aldi if you're looking for them! X
    Katie xoxo

    1. Oh my lord, you have just made me a very happy girl haha! x


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