Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The 2014 Blogger challenge! New years inspiration

Well hello there and welcome to 2014 (Party poppers and fire works)

So today I've got my 1st #2014bloggerchallenge for you. Today's post is all about new years inspiration so I thought I'd share a quote with you from my favourite book at the moment, The fault in our stars by john green. Honestly if you haven't read it yet you need to it's such an amazing book. 

So that's it my first #2014bloggerchallenge post I hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. Great first post chick, I'm having bloggers block with mine (I'm not a very inspiring person haha) can't wait to see your other posts for the challenge :D x

  2. i've heard so many good reviews about that book... i'm thinking i should actually read it ...


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