Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The travel bag - Body and skincare

If your a regular reader you will know that I'm not great at packing light, but I think I was quite reserved. This is what I took for one night so that's why I didn't take stuff like a mask. 

I love Soap and glory so when I received a box with some mini's in for Christmas I knew they would be perfect for travel. All three of these products have the original Soap and glory scent, which I really love. The Righteous Butter is lovely and moisturizing and sinks into the skin really quickly. Clean on me is a great shower gel which foams up really well and The Scrub of your life is nice and gentle so perfect for everyday use. 

For cleansing and makeup up removal I took the Botanics softening cleanser to remove my makeup and then the No7 beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser to remove anything that was left behind on my skin.

Moisturizer wise I'm trying to pack as much moisture into my skin as I can at the moment so I took the Superdrug vitamin E eye cream and Night cream. I also popped in my Boots Botanics facial oil and Super balm (which can also be used as a lip balm) 

So that's that I hope you enjoyed this post,


  1. I love the Superdrug vitamin E range!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Ugh! I wish I could get some No7 products in the the US! A "Hot Cloth Cleanser" sounds really nice, haha!! Great post!

  3. Always packing the night cream too! x


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