Monday, December 09, 2013

#bigblogmasproject Day 9 - The BBC good food show Birmingham NEC

Not a very Christmas-y post for you today. I'm going to be showing you some pictures I took when we went to the Good food show, I had such a good time and we got to watch the hairy bikers which was really awesome. Unfortunately the photos aren't great as the lighting was pretty shocking and made most of the photo's quite orange. So without further ado here's the pictures.... 

A couple of picture's from the hairy bikers show. Sorry for the bad quality we were sat really far back so it was practically impossible to get good photos. 

Some sweet treats, I really wish my meringues turned out like this!

and then we finished of the day with a very festive Starbucks 

So this post was a little different to my usual ones, did you enjoy it? 

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