Friday, December 06, 2013

#bigblogmasproject Day 6 - Christmas with Yankee

Well I really started something, whilst on holiday I picked up a couple of sampler buckets and 2 samplers and I just can't stop buying them. So today I thought I'd show you a couple of the Yankee Christmas scents! 

So first of I have Christmas memories, this is how Yankee describe the scent...

"From the heart of the kitchen, unforgettable moments are brought home again with this comforting recipe of spices and sweets."

This smells like a mix of mulled wine and gingerbread, the scent is super strong and I could still smell it when it was wrapped up in a carrier. The smell is a little subtler when burnt but still wonderful and Christmas-y. 

The other scent I'm going to be talking about today is Christmas cookie, here's what Yankee say...

"Buttery rich, vanilla scented, holiday sugar cookies."

I'm completely on the same page here, it somehow smells buttery. I'd say that it was your typical vanilla scent but a little richer and a bit more decadent. This is a very sweet one although the fragrance is a little more subtle when burnt. 

What's your favourite Yankee scent? 

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