Sunday, December 08, 2013

#bigblogmasproject Day 8 - I love drugstore makeup tag

Hey guy's,
today I'm going to be doing the I love drugstore makeup tag. I was tagged by the lovely Sophie from Sophierosee everyone should go check her blog out it's lovely. So without further a ramble lets get on....

What's your favourite drugstore brand? 
This one is tough but I think I'd have to say Seventeen everything I've tried from them I've loved, their mascaras are perfect and their lip products are so beautiful. Although I will have to say that Maybelline and Rimmel follow very closely. 

What are your favourite face, cheek and lip products? 
For face I think I'd have to go for the seventeen BB cream, it really is amazing and it's the only base product I've ever re-purchased. For cheeks I'd say the FashionistA blushes they are so soft and blend beautifully, my favourites are Butterscotch and New York. Finally for lip product  would have to say the Collection cream puff in Cotton candy, it's so beautiful and super cheap. 

Least favourite product? 
This one is easy peasy. The Collection lasting perfection concealer, it's cakey and falls into any tiny weeny lines. I just find it impossible to work with and continue to wonder why everyone thinks it's so wonderful. 

Best makeup bargain?
I think i'd have to say the Mua single eyeshadows, they are so pigmented and creamy and come in a huge range of shades from bright blues to golds to beautiful berry's.  I'd highly recommend them to anyone. 

What's your favourite underdog product?
I think I'd have to say Natural collection lipsticks, for everyone else MUA seem to hold the crown for best cheap lipsticks; but to be 100% honest I'm not that much of a fan I'd rather spend an extra £1 and pick one of these up. They do a really pretty range of shades. My favourites are Rosebud and Raspberry. 

Overpriced drugstore product? 
For me mascara will always be the most over priced product in the drugstore they can get sooo expensive especially when some are around £13.00.

Drugstore dupes? 
Mua palettes are very similar to the urban decay naked palettes. 

Overhyped drugstore product? 
The Maybelline baby lips there only a tinted lip balm and in my opinion not a good one either! 

I tag...

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  1. Great tag! I'd say Sleek are pretty good dupes for Urban Decay too, especially the au natural palette, it's a good dupe for the Naked 2.

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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