Friday, March 10, 2017

The best False nails for people who don't wear false nails.

I pretty much wear long pointed nails all the time and it's fairly unusual for me to not be wearing them and I get so many questions on how I manage to cope with them. When the lovely people at Alex Silver PR sent me two sets of the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails in the short length* I knew I wanted to write a post about them and how amazing they are for people who don't want/feel like they can wear super long nails. These come in a variety of shades and last incredibly well. Due to them being short I find I can get over a weeks wear out of them before they begin to come off as they are very difficult to catch as they are pretty much the length of my natural nails. Due to them being the gel finish they are incredibly hard wearing and I don't find that any of the colour begins to come off or peel as it can on some nails.
I feel like these would be perfect for wearing on holiday if you don't want to go and get your nails done professionally as they are super cheap and cheerful. I would love to know where you guys stand on false nails and whether you despise them or wear them all the time! 

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  1. These look really nice. I wear nails from time to time, usually when I'm less than happy with my real ones.

    A Sparkle Of Grace


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