Friday, March 17, 2017

Review - Zoeva Strobe Gel in Halo

This is honestly one of the strangest products I have ever tried. I saw it floating around when it was first released and was super intrigued so I was very excited when one of my friends bought it me for my birthday. It is a highlighting fluid which is almost a putty like texture. I've been really enjoying using it as a base for my powder highlight. It's a very light texture and blends into the skin so easily leaving a sight sheen behind.
It is a pink toned highlight meaning that on me it looks super natural. I like to pair this with a super light base as it just gives a really lovely natural sheen. I do also like to wear this under my foundation to add a really lovely glow. It also looks beautiful mixed into the foundation. I find if I use this on my cheekbones it doesn't break down into pigment and glitter like some highlights do it just stays sheeny and glowy.
Overall I really love this product, the texture is super interesting and I feel like it is something I am going to get so much use out of. 

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