Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Lip kits to rival Kylie's?

Recently we've seen a lot of Drugstore lip kits popping up. With new spring launches from both Makeup Revolution and Lottie London including them but the that are getting the most hype are the Barry M Limited edition Matte me up lip kits. As with the original Kylie kits these contain a lip liner pencil and a liquid matte lipstick. With these being Limited edition I did end up picking all three up whilst they were in stock on the Superdrug website.
I am honestly so impressed with these and I really wish there was a bigger shade selection. The lip liners are incredibly creamy and ever so slightly darker then the matte lipsticks making them perfect to overline the lips in a more natural way. The Liquid lips are a really lovely thin formula and feel incredibly comfortable on the lips. They are some of the most non-drying liquid lips which I have tried from the drugstore. They are completely opaque in one thin coat however even if they do require a little building they don't flake at all. In terms of lasting power these fade really evenly and don't go patchy like so many other products like these do.

Go to - Runway - Pose
Out of the three my favourite colour is definitely Go to which is a really stunning browny nude shade, the other two are Pose which is a pale baby pink nude, and finally there is Runway which is a really beautiful muted berry pink. I have to say on me I don't think Pose is the most flattering shade however I can see myself getting a lot of use out of the other two.  So that's my thoughts, I'd love to know if you guys have tried these and what you think of them. I'm just going to be over here praying they release some more shades.

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