Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Review - Clinique Beyond perfecting foundation

So I've been trying out a lot of foundations recently and this is one I have been really impressed with. I've heard quite a lot of buzz about this lately and as I was in Duty free in February I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go and I am so glad I did because I am seriously impressed.
I was a little sceptical at first as when I first swatched it I felt that it would be too heavy on my dry skin however somehow Clinique seem to have the perfect mix of high coverage and a lightweight feel. Don't get me wrong it isn't as light feeling as the Urban decay Naked skin but for the amount of coverage it has I'm impressed with how light it feels. Coverage wise this is a really fab Medium to full but I will say that on dry skin it doesn't build that well. My friend actually also picked this up and it seemed to build much better on her combo skin than it did on mine.

I was expecting the finish to be quite matte however it definitely has more glow than I expected. Don't get me wrong it isn't the most glowy foundation I own but it definitely has more coverage than your standard medium to full coverage foundations have. In terms of wear time I do find this begins to sink into the dry patches on my nose at around the 5-6 hour mark however otherwise it satys pretty much flawless. This is definitely the kind of foundation I would reach for when going on a night out as I can easily rectify the nose dryness with a little more product. Colour wise I don't think I picked the best shade however under weird airport lighting I really struggled. In the end I went for the shade 2 which looked a lot pinker toned in store than it did once I swatched it outside. Due to it having quite a heavy yellow tone I feel like it will fit much better in the summer when I have more of a tan. 

Something that did really attract me to this foundation was the applicator, I hate getting foundation on my hands so this is perfect for me. I am fully aware however that some people think it is a bit gross so it's completely down to personal preference with this one. Otherwise the packaging is very sleek and simple, and I find the bottle is a really thick glass which makes me feel much less wary of traveling with it.
So that's it for today, I'd love to know if you have tried this foundation  and what you thought of it!

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  1. I have this foundation as well and I so agree that one of the things that attracts you is the applicator! It's a gorgeous foundation, but I think they need to expand their shade options!
    Great Post, I'm glad that it was a good purchase for you! :)
    Leanne x |


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