Friday, March 06, 2015

Beauty ¦ The spring/summer lip edit

I spend the entire of the year wishing we were in a different season, I'm waiting on spring this year like never before so to introduce a little spring onto my blog I thought I'd talk about some of the lip products I think i'm going to be getting a lot of wear out of this spring and summer. 

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm - Showy - £7.99 //Here//
I love these matte balms, they smell amazing and they are the best textured matte lip product I've ever used. Showy is the most amazing bright blue toned pink. It looks incredible with a tan. It wears well for around 5 hours before fading around the inside of the lips begins to happen. 

Miss sporty Precious shine - Orange topaz* - £2.59 //Here//
First off this smells like watermelons, perfect for summer or what! This is a really lovely sheer orange shade with a tiny weeny hint of glitter (although it's pretty much undetectable on the lips) It can be really sheer in the lips but with a bit of building it can be quite a bright and intense shade. It's a lovely place to start if you aren't to sure about wearing orange.

Clarins Instant light natural lip perfector - 01 - £18.00 //Here//
Will I ever stop talking about this lipgloss, the answer probably not I just adore it. Super glossy and moisturizing without being sticky and tacky. 01 is the perfect shade for a super natural look. I need to get myself some more shades!

Bourjois Colour boost lip crayon - Peach on the beach - £7.99 //Here// 
I adore this shade, a gorgeous pinky peach shade. It's the most perfect bright peachy glossy summer lip product, it just screams summer to me. I wear it a lot with really minimal eye makeup and a glowy base.

Clinique Chubby stick intense - Plushest punch - £17.00 //Here//
An amazing bright bold raspberry pink, I picked this up in Germany knowing I would wear it a lot through the spring. I've actually unexpectedly been reaching for it all the time. I can't believe it took me so long to give them a go. I'd love you to leave me some shade recommendations in the comments.

Gosh Velvet touch - Yours forever - £6.49 //Here//
This is a very very similar shade to the clinique one, it's a little darker and the colour is a little bit more intense. The finish of this is a lot less glossy that the clinique and sets to a almost matte finish. It lasts a really nice amount of time and wears well through eating and drinking. 

Catrice Smoothing lip polish - Strawberry's secret - 4.99 (euros)
This is a gorgeous glossy coral with a lot of pink. I absolutely love the formula of these they are really glossy when first applied but once the gloss has worn off slightly the stain left behind stick around for such a long time. I find with one coat this leaves a really pretty hint of colour on the lips but with a couple of coats it can be built up to a fairly intense shade. 

Rimmel Kate moss - 110 - £5.49 //Here//
I love this entire range of lipsticks from Rimmel and of course I love the massively hyped 107 but I just don't think this particular shades gets anywhere near enough hype. It's the most incredible neon orange with a little bit of pink. It has the same amazing formula as 107 that we all know so well and love. I seriously recommend anyone who's into bright lips to give this one a go! 

Revlon Colorburst matte balm - Unapologetic - £7.99 //Here// 
This is along the same lines as 110 however it has a lot more pink in it. It's a beautiful neon heavily pink toned shade. The formula is identical to that of showy and the lasting power is pretty much identical too!

Barry M Lip paint - 151 - £4.49 //Here//
This one is a much truer orange than 110 it has a lot less pink in it and the opacity isn't quite as intense. The finish of this is somewhere between glossy and sheeny and the lasting power is somewhere around the 4 hour mark before obvious signs of fading begin to show. I wore this a lot last summer due to the fact that it feels really hydrating on the lips and doesn't feel like it's dragging all the moisture from my lips. 

Essence Longlasting lipstick - Natural beauty - £2.30 //Here//
Bar the clarins lip perfector everythings very bright so I thought i'd throw in another fairly neutral shade. This shade is gorgeous. It's a browny nude with a tiny hint of lilac mauve to it. It is my perfect lips but better shade and as much as I hate that phrase it's the only way to describe this shade. 

Left to right - Showy, Orange topaz, 01, Peach on the beach, Plushest punch, Yours forever, Strawberry's secret, 110, Unapologetic, 151, Natural beauty

I'd love to know what shades you think you will be reach for over the next couple of months! 


  1. I need to start stocking up on spring lip products great post x

  2. I think lip crayons are definitely going to be my thing this Spring/Summer :) I really want to get some Clinique Chubby Sticks as the ones from Bourjois and Rimmel are fab. I'll definitely check out Revlon's now too! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  3. Love your picks, I own Plushest of Punch and such a gorgeous shade - actually forgot about it until reading this post - definitely be finding this out for when the spring arrives.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  4. Great spring lip colour post.
    I like the Miss sporty Precious shine - Orange topaz. looks like it would be a good day to day product. Not sure i will be able to refrain from licking it off if it tastes like Watermelon!
    What is the lasting power like?



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