Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beauty ¦ Shopping the stash #2

Whilst I was sorting through my stash a couple of weeks ago I realised that I've fallen into a bit of a makeup rut and I've found myself reaching for the same products day after day. So I thought I'd do a shop my stash post and try and boost myself out of said rut.  

Mua Hall of Fame palette - £4.00
I got this for christmas and I haven't really given it a proper try. It's got a gorgeous mix of shades that are all really buttery and pigmented. I'm really impressed with the longevity and blendability and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it. 

Mac Up the amp - £15.50 
I love this lipstick and I wore it to death in the summer but since then I haven't really reached for it. I love the shade and it looks amazing paired with a light brown eye and really glowy skin. 

Collection Eyeshadow pencil Vintage blush - £2.99
I really love the shade of this and it makes the most lovely base for eyeshadows, it's a gorgeous rose gold shade and I've never really found another shade like it. It blends beautifully and has a really lovely lasting power.

Seventeen Mirror shine lipstick Beehive - £4.79
This is starting to look a little gross and I just want to get it finished, despite this I've not being using it recently. I love the shade and the finish I just want to be able to buy a new one thats not all gross and mashed up.

Korres jasmine lip butter - £6.40
I love this and it smells like cake but it's not that hydrating so because my lips were so dry it wasn't cutting it. Since getting my nuxe reve de meil and pairing it with my blistex my lips have been in a much better state so this is nice to use under my lipsticks in a morning. 

Catrice Ooops nude did it again - 2.79 eur
I used this on my brow bone religiously when I first got it and then I just popped it back in my stash and I haven't really used it since, it's the perfect brow bone highlight shade as it's slightly shimmery but not full on glittery. It also make a really lovely inner corner highlight. 

Seventeen Define and conquer contour kit - £5.99
In all honesty since I picked this up I haven't used the contour shade on my face, for the first couple of days I used the highlight shade as a setting powder. It was one of those third 3 for 2 purchases so I'm not too bothered about it getting left although I would like to give it a proper try before I write it off completely. 

Natural collection Pink cloud - £1.99
Natural collection blushes are amazing quality for the price and I used this shade religiously for so long but then as I got more and more into makeup it got pushed away to the back and got overtaken by the likes of Topshop and Rimmel. I really want to get back into using it as it is the most beautiful but natural everyday matte pink. 


  1. You have some great favourites, I love Mac's Up The Amp, such a pretty colour, and I really want to pick up the Seventeen Define and Contour kit.

  2. I love shopping my stash!:)

  3. You know, I forgot I have that MUA palette - definitely need to dig mine back out too! Natural Collection do the cutest blush shades :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  4. I'm such a big fan of MUA palettes, they're really great for how much they cost! x


  5. So i bought the Seventeen Define and conquer contour kit a few weeks ago and i find it really difficult to use. The highlight comes out quite dull and the contour is difficult to blend.
    Love this the look of this blush. I have been looking for an everyday blush for spring and i think i have just found the one!



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