Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Beauty ¦ February empties

I've actually finished quite a lot this month, it's been one of those months where things have run out on me without any warning. We've got quite a lot to get through today so i'm going to stop wittering on and get on with it. 

L'oreal Nude magique blur cream - Repurchase: Most likely
This is a really nice more affordable version of Benefit's porefessional, I don't quite like it as much but due to the Benefit one being almost £25 I don't use it everyday so it's nice to have an alternative. It's not quite as blurring and smoothing as the porefessional but it works well for an everyday basis. 

L'oreal True match foundation - Repurchase: Yes
This is my all time favourite drugstore foundation, I wasn't the biggest fan of it when my skin was on the more oily side however now it's a little more combination it's just stunning. I haven't actually got round to repurchasing it yet however I need to get on and pick it up. 

Seventeen Stay time concealer - Repurchase: Yes Yes Yes 
This is another of my all time favourites this is just the best drugstore concealer I've ever used. It's super high coverage whilst not being cakey or drying. You won't need to hear me talk about this if you're a regular reader as i'm a little obsessed. 

Collection Lasting perfection concealer - Repurchase: No! 
I hate this stuff, it's been sat in my stash for ages and i've just decided it's time to let it go. I find it so drying and I find it cakes so badly no matter where I put it on my face. 

The Body shop Camomile cleansing butter - Repurchase: Probably 
This is really lovely and it's super effective for removing makeup with. It makes the skin feel really clean without feeling stripped. Due to it being a butter it makes the skin feel beautifully moisturized. It's definitely a good one and it's brill if you've got dehydrated skin. 

Lady Gaga Fame eau de toilette - Repurchase: I already had a back up bottle. 
I love this stuff so much I asked my mum to buy me a backup bottle for christmas as it's just amazing. It's a quite sweet scent however it has a little hint of musk so it cuts through the sweetness and balances it. 

The Body shop Strawberry body butter - Repurchase: Not this scent 
I mentioned when the shower gel in this scent was in my empties that I'm not the biggest fan of the strawberry scent. I really like the body shop body butters and I will continue to purchase them for the foreseeable future. 

Soap and glory Whipped clean Shower butter - Repurchase: Yes 
This stuff smells amazing, I reviewed it //Here//  I love it so much and it smells amazing. It doesn't stop me moisturizing on top but it does help and adds a little moisture so if I am in a massive rush I can skip moisturizer. 

Yankee Candle Sparkling cinnamon - Repurchase: LE christmas scent
I really liked this but I'm in no massive rush to pick it up again, I like the cinnamon scent but it's not something that I'd burn at this time if year however I may pick up another cinnamon scent next christmas. 


  1. Ah I love love LOVE empties posts! I like seeing how people feel after trying out a product over a long period of time and seeing if they'd repurchase or not!

    I've been curious to pick up the camomile butter myself, but my skin does clog easily - do you think that it could perhaps prove too waxy? - I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Hannah x

  2. I really like the Body Shop cleansing butter, L'Oreal True Match and Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean, I reckon I'll be repurchasing all of those :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  3. It's a shame you don't like the Collection Lasting Perfection, I think it's amazing on acne scars!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  4. I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award because I love your blog! Keep up the great posts! xxxx

  5. Great post! I absolutely love the Body Shop Camomile Cleansing butter! It really seems to have sorted out my dry, dehydrated skin and leaves it feeling so soft and cleansed!

    Rachel | Beauty & The Bird

  6. I love Soap and Glory products and Cinnamon is one of my all time favourite Yankee Candle scents. I love it all year round.


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