Friday, March 13, 2015

Beauty ¦ The best drugstore nail polishes (Ever!)

 Maybelline forever strong Gel nail colour - £4.49 - //Here//

I actually love the formula of these nail polishes, they are so shiny and the lasting power is insane. Even without a topcoat. I have two shades, the own above is Mint for life and I also have Hot salsa. These are like the more grown up version of the Barry M gelly paints. With a strong 50 shade range there is a colour in this line for everyone. I've got my eye on the deep wine shade and I'm thinking about picking up one of the paler pink colours for prom. 

I seriously suggest you give these a go! They have most definitely overtaken the Barry M gelly paints as my favourite drugstore nail polishes! 


  1. Lovely review, the shade is gorgeous such a pretty nail polish! Jess x

  2. Everyone is talking about how good these nail polishes are! I really want to try them but I've so many nail polishes already that I'm not sure whether to treat myself or not, haha :)x

    Anu | My life as Anu | bloglovin

  3. I love these, it reminds me a bit of Huckleberry by Barry M, so pretty! I haven't bought anything from this range yet

    ox Lucy

  4. I love this colour, it screams spring, i love maybelline polishes =]

  5. This colour is lush. I am a huge BarryM fan and not sure i can pull myself away from their polish. May have to make an exception and buy this. Just perfect for spring.


  6. That colour is absolutely gorgeous! I haven't tried the Maybelline ones so will need to check those out!



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