Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Hand cream edit.

I am a little bit of a hand cream obsessive, I have at least one sometimes two in my bag and they are dotted about all over the house. So today I thought I would show you some of my favourites. 

The best for daytime - 
This one definitely has to go to the Flomar Mango hand cream, this one sinks into the hands really quickly. It isn't super hydrating but it's enough for the day time. I find this one just leaves my hands a little softer. 

The best smelling - 
Hands down the Possibility Raspberry pavlova is the best smelling hand cream ever it's sweet and fruity and I love the fact that it has a recipe for pavlova on the front! This one is definitely one for people who have fairly normal skin on there hands as it isn't that moisturizing. 

The best for night time -
The Body shop hemp hand protector is hands down the best hand cream I've ever tried. It's super thick and feels like it coats the hands in a protective barrier. Due to it's thick consistency it does leave lots of residue so it's definitely one for just before bed. 

The best treatment - 
This ones a little bit of a cheat as the Climb on skin repair cream isn't really a hand cream as such. This stuff is amazing, I get eczema on my hands and they crack and get super sore so this is a life saver. It knits together the cracks and heals the patches in about 4 days which is amazing as it can take a good 3 weeks for the patches to clear up on their own. This stuff is really oily so I only use this just before I go to bed. 

I can't say I've ever swatched hand cream before but hey there is a first time for everything! 

From left to right - Flomar mango - Possibility raspberry pavlova - The Body shop hemp - Climb on  


  1. I rarely get dry hand shut when I do I love using the Body Shop one as a quick over night fix :) x

  2. As a hairdresser me and my staff all swore by the body shop cream, but I cant stand the smell. eugh..


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